Before You JumpShip, Consider These 5 Tips ::

[_] They ask themselves, "What if the thing I am doing today would have to be the thing I do for the rest of my life?"

[_] There is no gentle way to put it: career change can be expensive.

[_] They have a great support network

[_] They are clear on why they are making the change

[_] They are those who have a clear understanding of their unique value

CEO: “Sell Me This Pen” ::

CEO: [ hand me over his pen ] Sell me this pen.

Me: [ getting the pen ] No.

CEO: No?

Me: No.

CEO: Why?

Me: I just don't want to.

CEO: Okay, you fail your interview. That is the door --you can show yourself out.

Me: Okay. [ walk toward the door ]

CEO: And give me my pen back, please.

Me: [ turn around, smiling ] Sure --this pen is yours for only a dollar.

10 Mistakes Smart People Make ::

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How To Fight Procrastination ::

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