Before You Jump Ship, Consider These Tips


There is problem with the idea of a perfect job «

[_] A recent Gallup poll shows that 69 percent of the workforce is either passively detached or actively disengaged. That adds up to 103 million people who are unhappy in their jobs –a staggering thought, considering that you are statistically bound to run into several of them as you pick up your morning coffee, drop off your dry-cleaning, take the bus, and read the news online (someone had to write those articles!).

[_] This epidemic of work unhappiness can have an unfortunate side effect. Once an individual realizes that he or she is not happy at work and would rather be doing something else, there is a temptation to blow it up. Never mind if the current situation is allowing you to keep a roof over your head, food in your fridge, and health care coverage! It is easy to convince yourself that JumpShip-ing right now is the only thing you can do to be happier at work.

[_] As a professional and an executive coach, I have faced several key decisions along my career path, and have watched hundreds of professionals do the same. Some step into a similar career at a different company. Others change gears: abandoning a CPA track to go to nursing school, or launching their own companies. Some transitions are successful; others are devastating, financially and emotionally.

[_] Who makes the cut? How can you time the steps correctly, land on your feet, and set yourself up for more opportunity and growth? In my experience, those who get it right do these five things consistently.

They ask themselves, "What if?" «

[±] Read They ask themselves, "What if?"

They have reserves «

[±] Read They have reserves

They have a great support «

[±] Read They have a great support

They are clear on "why" «

[±] Read They are clear on "why"

They understand their value «

[±] Read They understand their value

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