Jakarta, Indonesia

Andi Librianto

Sales and Marketing Manager

Andi Librianto

Executive Review ::

[_] Have been working in sales and marketing for almost 8 years with main responsible are organizing business development and company strategy digital

[_] Have a good working experience in marketing and production

[_] Can work together with the team and used to working in a target

[_] Having a strong management and spirited leadership in the business world at large and small companies

[_] Ability to communicate well at all levels of positions both in everyday life and in negotiating

[_] have an experience handling corporate social responsibility at Green Radio 89.2FM Jakarta

Professional Experience ::

October 2015–PresentBuqu Global

[_] Buqu is a global platform and ecosystem of digital publishing and bookstore that is uniquely engineered, designed, and modeled to address the emerging countries challenges

Sales and Marketing Manager

[_] Manage the company's business development and sales of technology platforms and book publishing industry and media/magazines in the field of other competent

[_] Manage sales (books and magazines) in a team

[_] Mapping business plan and sales strategy to achieve target

[_] Analyzing and developing marketing strategy to improve the quality of product and area in accordance with the target goals

[_] Evaluate client satisfaction survey of the entire sales team to ensure achievement of the target client satisfaction

[_] Mapping potential clients by market sectors, such as education, government, state enterprises, private company

[_] Share some teams to handle clients that have been adapted to the market sector, as well as provide product knowledge

[_] Presentation and introducing Buqu

[_] Coordinate with the traffic divisions, bookstore and technical support to meet the needs of the clients

[_] Creating pipeline to prioritize potential clients related to sales clossing

[_] Implement the culture, systems, and regulations to ensure all the systems running optimal

August 2014–August 2015The Jakarta Post Digital

[_] The Jakarta Post digital service provides convenient access to your favorite newspaper for those of you who are outside Indonesia, or are located in Indonesia but cannot obtain morning home or office delivery of The Jakarta Post

Account Manager

[_] Helping to direct the client to package their products as attractive as possible and promote it to various media in accordance with segment, so that the message to be conveyed by these products were well received by consumers

[_] Managing and maintenance both in terms of budget planning and client promotions

[_] Propose ideas and concept based on client budget

[_] Looking for existing opportunities/potential clients

2007–2008Kantor Berita Radio Media Lintas Inti Nusantara

[_] Media Lintas Inti Nusantara company research & investing information

Group Account Manager

[_] Responsible for achieving targets

[_] Making plan to ensure the promotion and sales programs are on air

[_] Negotiate sales and trading with other parties

[_] Controlling and evaluating advertising revenue

[_] Making monthly report sales analysis

[_] Team Event Green Radio 89.2FM CSR Program

Academic Background ::

2016–PresentAtmajaya Catholic University

Bachelor of Law

[_] Majored in Business and Economic Law

Language Profeciency ::


[_] Professional proficiency level

Computer Literacy ::

Microsoft Office[_] Productivity Tools

Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw[_] Multimedia Tools

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