Jl. Cilandak V No. 17D/8
Jakarta, Indonesia

Human Resource Senior Manager

Reni Anggraeni Amiruddin

Reni Anggraeni Amiruddin

Executive Review ::

[_] A certified HR Professional with more than 11 years of dynamic experience in all HR functions in start-up and establish/small and large companies

[_] She also holds a Master Degree in HR Management from a reputable and accredited university in Indonesia

[_] Her missions are creating and implementing the HR strategy which allign to the business goals, manage and secure people management process, and act pro-actively as consultative and coaching partner towards the employees and management

[_] She has the ability to work independently and pro-actively, a good overview perspective and the ability to prioritize, results driven, flexibility, and integrity to the role. Most of all, she loves the mix of the operational and strategical roles

[_] She is positively confident that her anything-is-possible attitude, hands-on, great learning ability, and working experiences will be an asset and beneficial addition to the organization

Professional Experience ::

July 2016–PresentDestinasian Media Group

HR & GA Senior Manager

[_] Maintains and enhances the organization’s human resources by planning, implementing and evaluating employee relations, company policies, programs and HR best practices.

Keys of Responsibilities

[_] Monitor, conduct and execute recruitment process based on the company needs

[_] Ensuring that salary for new employee is within the company budget and salary range

[_] Providing advices to the company to meets the standard with legal and labor requirements including new regulations from the government

[_] Preparing supporting data for payroll process

[_] Updating employee data for health insurance, BPJS Kesehatan and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan

[_] Ensuring all the expatriate data is valid and up to date

[_] Develop Performance Management program including set KPI and yearly evaluation for the whole group

[_] Develop, execute and monitor training program and social activities for the Employee

[_] All HR related task or project which will be given by the BOD

June 2015–May 2016Lotte Members Indonesia

HR & GA Manager

[_] Manage human resources and general affairs function to support the key business needs

Keys of Responsibilities

[_] Establishes and leads recruitment practices and procedures necessary to recruit and retain an effective workforce

[_] Develops and implements training and development initiatives to address current capabilities and future training needs, including on-the-job operational training, divisional special training, management development, new hire orientation and on boarding

[_] Develops and implements compensation strategies and structures that align with company goals and ensures the provisions of cost effective benefits plan

[_] Handling Payroll and personal Tax (PPh 21) of all employees

[_] Plans, develops, implements and administers programs, procedures, and guidelines to help align staff with the strategic goals of the company and leads the implementation of a performance management system

[_] Formulates and recommends Human Resources policies and practices that will establish a positive employer-employee relationship

[_] Provides general supporting activities such as the administration of company legal documents and permits; booth and office management; and company transportation

October 2013–June 2014Vivere Group & Affiliate

Corporate HR Personnel & Administration Department Head

[_] Ensure the services to the entire divisions related administration and employees’ database

[_] Ensure the employees attendance data are recorded and reported every month

[_] Ensure the employees benefit managed properly and timely

[_] Prepare the monthly manpower report for each business units

[_] Ensure the company regulations are implemented in accordance with the predetermined

[_] Ensure the acceptance of the internship and survey are well managed

[_] Ensure the employees’ business travels are in accordance with the provisions of the applicable

[_] Responsible for the procurement of the goods and services that support the entire operational activities of the office

[_] Do the physical office asset maintenance

Corporate Planning and Monitoring

[_] Create a work plan relate to the administration and its management at the end of each year

[_] Monitor the logging database of the new employees; and ensuring the completeness of their hardcopy data which was handed over by the recruitment and update the changes on the same day of change

[_] Create a weekly, monthly, and yearly work plans to ensure the jobs managed properly

[_] Prepare and evaluate the forms that used for the purposes of the HRD administration

[_] Ensure the recapitulation of the employees’ attendance and overtime are managed properly before acknowledged by the Director of HR and before submitted to the payroll division

[_] Do the acceptance, monitor, prepare, and ensure the internship as well as surveys’ administration in the company are well managed

[_] Prepare the accommodation for the students of the company’s scholarship recipient

[_] Do the review of submission of the employees’ business travels in accordance with the provisions that has been set

[_] Do the review of the SOP (Standard of Procedures) and media/forms which are used in order to fit with the target services and employees’ development

[_] Evaluate, analyse, and monitor the improvement of skill and competence of HRD’s personnel in order to meet the specifications in accordance with the position currently held by

HR Administration and Employees Database

[_] Perform the employees’ database updates since the first days of the occurrence of a change

[_] Prepare the monthly manpower report for each business units

[_] Compile the annual and monthly recap of the recipients of the employment period (Dharma Karya), and reported to the payroll division

[_] Send the announcement email blast of the new joined, promotion, mutations, and resign employees – every month – to all the employees

[_] Check all the certificates, decree of mutations and promotions, and the appointment of employees’ documents before signed by the superior

[_] Prepare the employment contract and ensure the availability of other paperwork required by HR division

[_] Check out the monthly recap of overtime and the employees’ attendance

[_] Prepare the company report

[_] Extend the validity period of the company regulations

[_] Issue the letter of confirmation of the internship and company survey’s requests

[_] Give the recap of the interns’ transport fund to the finance division, after the period of internship ended

[_] Conduct briefings, counselling, and socialization of the HR policies – particularly regarded to the completion of the HR’s SOP

[_] Responsible for the work safety and health aspects in the HRD’s work area, and do the prevention as well as control of the exists’ source of danger

[_] Mandatory reporting the accidents related to the work

Health Insurance and Pension Funds (DPLK)

[_] Coordinate with the IRs for the reporting of monthly DPLK and other allowances’ claims

[_] Monthly recap, analyse the DPLK data and submit the payment request to the finance division of each business units

[_] Employees’ enrolment to the appointed insurance provider on a day after the permanent appointment of the employees, and provide information of the cancellation/data changing of their memberships in terms of their resignation/promotion

[_] Submit the claim treatments, before and after hospitalization, to the insurance provider

[_] Become the liaison and person of contact for the employees’ inpatient process and the completion of the excess claim invoices

[_] Manage employee medical check-up schedule and review the effectiveness of the insurance services

[_] Arrange the socialization of insurance’ benefits to all the employees, and responsible for the whole process

People Management

[_] Set up the jobdesc within the team

[_] Knowledge sharing for improving the performance of the team

[_] Determine the job targets for the team and review it periodically

[_] Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the team member and propose the necessary development program

[_] Submit the performance appraisal of the team member

[_] Ensure the team adheres to the applicable company rules

[_] Conduct the exit interviews – ranging from the level of operator up to department head – and do the filling as well as the analysis of the results of the exit interview

[_] Conduct the new employee induction of the company regulations & the new employee rules

[_] Do the employee’s dismissal process and disciplinary councelling

[_] Evaluate the performance of the employees in accordance with the programme established by the HRD

[_] The number of employee absences due to illness in relation to the total number of employee’s working days in a month within a maximum of 5%

[_] Provide training recommendations for the HRD personnel to improve their skills and competences in accordance with their respective functions

[_] Conduct the safety briefings in receiving guests in which involve the external parties of the company

SHE (Safety, Health, and Environment) Excellence Program

[_] The program of 1,000,000 work hours without an accident (medical treatment; fatality) at the employees and subcontractor

[_] Lowering the case of first aid at accidents (P3K) by as much as 30% from precious year

[_] 75% of the total employees per division reported SHE OC (Operational Circular)


[_] Make the monthly, quarterly, semester reports as well as the report for the management review meetings

[_] Make a benefit claim that filed by the employee and follows the applicable provisions in the agreement (PKB and PP) then reported to the finance division of each business units

[_] Set up the calculation of BHK employees from the level of section head to the lowest

[_] Review the employee reference letters before signed by the superior

[_] Set up the internship and company survey’s administrations

General Affairs

[_] Analyse the budget needs for the procurement and maintenance of all facilities and then presented to the financial and corporate management for budgeted and approved

[_] Perform maintenance activities over all the facilities, as well as in the process of changing the damaged

[_] Create, implement, and develop the work system / procedures for the procurement and maintenance of the work facilities

[_] Prepare the monthly reports for the purposes of budget meeting, financial statement of the assets, and office expenses

Other Responsibilities

[_] In general, supports all of the company’s work programme; and other tasks assigned by top Management

September 2012–October 2013Auditsi Utama

Project Administrator

[_] Directly reporting to CEO

[_] Searching, screening, interviewing, job placement candidates for clients and media

January 2010–November 2011Indo Asia Resources

HR Staff

Key Responsibilities

[_] Directly reporting to CEO

[_] Liaise with Office Manager and In-House Lawyer on all matters relating to Human Resources issues such as employment contracts, terms and conditions, payroll, remuneration and benefits, leave, termination and all matters relation to employment terms and conditions

Key Achievements

[_] Handled all general HR queries and dispute resolution regarding terms and conditions from staff

[_] Liaised with site personnel and management with regard to employee HR related issues

[_] Established and maintained comprehensive and up to date HR Database including all necessary internal and external HR reporting

[_] Maintained and updated position description database

[_] Monitored the progress of the new starters and others

[_] Handled payroll function

[_] Worked on general and specific HR initiatives and projects as required

September 2006–February 2009Yachiyo Engineering Consultant, Ltd

Human Resources & Admin Project Support

General Liabilities

[_] Handling and preparing the immigration and all necessary permits and documents for the expatriates

[_] Arranging the meetings and appointment for Consultants

[_] Assisting Office Manager in making Bimonthly Project Progress and Payroll reports for the project

[_] Report preparation (such as: Monthly Progress Report, Quarterly Progress Report, Annual Progress Report, and other reports according to the instruction of Team Leader/Co-Team Leader/Office Manager)

[_] Arranging procurement needs for the Office

[_] Performing other necessary Office Administration tasks

Academic Background ::

2005–2008Hasanuddin University

Human Resource Management

[_] Master’s graduated with GPA 3.56

Professional Recognition ::


2016[_] Certificate of Competence issued by BNSP –Indonesian Professional Certification Body for HR Management

Payroll Administration System,

2016[_] 2 days workshop from HRD Forum

Structuring and Scale of Wages and Wage Header

2016[_] 1 day workshop from Human Capital Community

Preceding Experience ::

December 2011–September 2012Royal Korindah

Executive Secretary

[_] Responsibility for providing the necessary support to BOD by offering a complete secretarial and administrative support service and general office duties of a responsible and confidential nature. This included first point of contact direction, time management, correspondence distribution and resolution. This required an understanding of BOD's job, the departmental organizational policies, operations and procedures

Key Responsibilities

[_] Provided a complete secretarial and administrative service to BOD (directly assigned from BOD or delegated from PA);

[_] Provided a complete correspondences service, routing correspondence as necessary & drafting replies where appropriate to ensure that all mail is dealt with efficiently and on time

[_] Observed confidentially procedures, document registers and tracked accountable documentation to ensure security and control

[_] Provided time management/diary service for the BOD to ensure ability to attend all key meetings at the appointed times

[_] Made travel related arrangements in a time-effective way, including booking itineraries/venues, ensuring most effective use of BOD's time

[_] Received and screened telephone calls and letters, answered routine questions and furnished information as necessary to ensure availability of data and efficiency of service

[_] Prepared routine letters, reports, memoranda for BOD's signature, gathered and summarized data in order to ensure availability of data

[_] Created and maintained database and spreadsheet files

[_] Monitored, controlled and scheduled all tasks that needed to be maintained regularly, such as office A/C, pest control, etc.

[_] Made contact with related vendors due to the repairs to ensure timely maintenance and repairs when necessary

[_] Arranged all aspects and tasks for both in-house and external events

[_] Organized, maintained, updated and filed company legal documents

[_] Responsible for maintenance of all office transportation vehicles including ensuring valid permits, licensing, servicing, insurance (cars and motorcycles)

[_] Responsible for & coordinated office transportation usage

[_] Controlled and made monthly report for photocopy machine's usage

[_] Managed the process of any correspondence related to ISO documents starting from collecting all Manager's signature, filling until distribution of the documents

[_] Other duties as assigned and deemed necessary by BOD or PA

February–December 2009Swiss–Belhotel Borneo

Executive Secretary

[_] Assisting the General Manager in all work assigned as directed by the GM

[_] Providing good communication among the Administrative and General – EXCO members and other departments

[_] Being responsible for the general office administration work

Key Responsibilities

[_] Prepared for the General Manager complete, accurate and comprehensive correspondence, reports, memos, procedures, requests, and translations of documents to and from Indonesian and English. Ensuring that all the documents are grammatically, typographical and numerically accurate

[_] Kept uptodate all of the General Manager’s files and maintained an effective filing system

[_] Ensured that all necessary office supplies were sufficiently stocked at all times and established and maintained an effective stock control system

[_] Communicated very well with all levels of management and staff and most importantly, with hotel guests. Ensuring that all messages were relayed correctly and promptly and guest requests were handled immediately

[_] Promoted friendly and cooperative working relationship within the department and between all departments

[_] Set up appointment s for the General Manager whenever necessary

[_] Learned and displayed full working knowledge of required computer programs for data input, making, printing of reports relating to all matters concerning Administrative and General Management requirements in the computer

[_] Gained comprehensive knowledge of the facilities and activities of the hotel

[_] Maintained the highest professional and personal standards at all times

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