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Before You JumpShip, Consider These 5 Tips ::

[_] They ask themselves, "What if the thing I am doing today would have to be the thing I do for the rest of my life?"

[_] There is no gentle way to put it: career change can be expensive.

[_] They have a great support network

[_] They are clear on why they are making the change

[_] They are those who have a clear understanding of their unique value

Résumé Services ::

[_] Budi Prayitno

[_] Lianita Dessy Ismindari

[_] Nizam Mustawan

[_] Hary Prabowo Suryoatmojo

[_] Nadya Salma Zafirah

[_] Ibnu Kamil Kusuma

[_] Lusy Andriani

[_] Andi Librianto

[_] Eriyanto

[_] Reni Anggraeni

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